Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Most Beautiful Day of the Year (Probably)

The weather today was about as good as it gets on the coast. I'm guessin' mid to high 60's, slight breeze, warm sun. OK, it could be a little warmer.

Looking up at the trees and sky today was like eating eye candy. The blue sky was so blue. So delicious to me. It makes me happy. The shades of green of the different trees, and the light and shadows of the sun through them...well, I could just sit and look at them for hours. Almost as good as Java Chip ice cream.

The bird song today made my heart happy. They were so busy, flying and hopping and singing and scolding. What a cool soundtrack for a walk through our small town.

I forced invited my kids on a walk to our one and only local cafe for a snack. ARG resisted, as usual, but seemed to tolerate enjoy it once he was out. Rosie was glad I let her ride her bike instead of walk. We all enjoyed our croissants, Odwalla and Americano. Does it get any better?

ARG looking at the mountain our town is named for.

View as we walked down the street to the cafe.

We are fortunate that our one and only cafe rocks.

Rosie riding home.


Photos won't do justice to the BLUE of the sky today.


BIG thanks to my hubby for sitting down and coding HTML on my blog, after coding HTML all day at work, so that my blog can be more BEA-U-TI-FUL. Like the flower on the side?

Hubby is a hacking God. He's my little code monkey.


Mike said...

Americanos are my favorite kind of coffee to get at cafes. All the goodness of espresso, but a whole cup of coffee to enjoy, with the amount of milk (small) that I get to choose.

Sue said...

I know. I have exerimented with every type of coffee drink, with many disappointments. I actually tell them to put in just a little bit of water, because a full Americano is too watery for me. Just a little water, and A LOT of 1/2 & 1/2. Mmmmmmm.

ciara said...

i love your're lucky to have a husband who knows code. i have tried to study and learn code, but i get confused lol you're day looked very pretty...right now it's 92 degrees and it's hot. i live in a windy town, but that doesn't really cool off things. i don't do coffee, but the cafe looks quaint :)

Sue said...

Ciara - thanks. I know I'm lucky that my hubby helps. I can't figure that stuff out myself!