Saturday, September 15, 2007


What is your favorite dessert?

I mean what really makes your mouth water and your heart go BOOM BOOM BOOM?

I know, I is impossible to pick just one. So to make this do-able I have chosen 5 dessert categories. You can choose one favorite from each category. I have included my own.

Category 1 (the most important): Ice Cream
JAVA CHIP! The combination of sweet mocha ice cream with dark chocolate chunks........ oh yeah baby... (though a nice hot fudge sundae with mint chip ice cream is pretty dreamy too)

Category 2: cookies

This one is tougher. I think I have to pick chocolate chip cookies if they are made right (LOTS of chips and the perfect balance of chewy and crunchy). But then again, a good peanut butter cookie really hits the spot once in a while. Then there's Scottish short bread.......difficult.

Category 3: cakes
Chocolate ganache cake with rasberry sauce

Category 4: pies, tarts
Two way tie: lemon cream tart and ollallaberry pie a la mode

Category 5: candy
No brainer: Leonidas chocolate ganache truffles

How about you?


Mike said...

This is easy.

Category 1: Godiva's chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. Hard to find, but the best I've had.

Category 2: Hands down, chocolate chip cookie. More chewy than crunchy, but agreed that balance is important.

Category 3: Your cake sounds good. I'd also recommend the Chocolate Mousse cake at the Tartine bakery in S.F.

Category 4: Hmmmm. Key lime is good. A good rhubarb with ice cream.

Category 5: Truffles count as candy? Ok, sold. If we're talking about supermarket candy, then I'm going with Starbursts.

Anonymous said...

on the short list: the lemon meringue pie, flourless chocolate torte.

I worked through gourmet chocolate bars for a while...

Conching machines are not an easy find, realizing a homebrew temperature monitored conching machine that runs for a week might be a bit much for the house, not too mention sourcing and roasting organic cocoa and the like.

So I keep it simple with sampling the occasional bar.

Something about taking the classic smooth dark recipe and adapting ingeniously. for instance, inclusions of mint, pepper, lavender, chili peppers, wasabi or cocao nibs, a decent mix will play flavors subtly on different parts of the palette.

Sue said...

oooh, I saw Godiva Raspberry Chip at the store today - is that the same? But seriously, Starburst? What are you, 8?

Huh? You just couldn't follow the categories, could you? Had to do your own thing. OK. OK. What exactly IS a conching machine?

Mike said...

Sue, raspberry chip,eh? That might be it, but as usual, the crucial word in the title needs to be Chocolate. If it's not the chocolate variety, I can't speak to it.

As for starbursts, did you not see my "supermarket candy" qualifier? I stand by my statement. Don't make me come over there.