Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mini-Me's Birthday

Mini-me's 4th birthday is in two days.

She's been waiting for it, planning it and dreaming about it for months. But she still doesn't quite understand "in a few weeks" or " in five days". Nope. For her, each day the question is:

"Is it today?" "Is it today?" "Is it today?"

Me: "Not today honey. Two more days!"

Her: "Aw....."

This is her first "real" party, in that friends who are not members of her nuclear family have been invited. Five friends and Mini-Me and us. We're doing it at a local park (easy clean-up). And it will last no longer than 2 1/2 hours.

You see, I've learned through my older two children that a birthday party can be a hugely out-of -proportion suck on my time, energy and money. This is not necessary. Kids are not born with a deed entitling them to party jumpers, live entertainment and gourmet birthday meals. (At least not my kids)

So, I put the kibosh on inviting the entire preschool class (invite one, you gotta invite them all). I insisted upon cupcakes (chocolate with white/vanilla frosting ) at the park, instead of cake and ice cream and me trying to think up fun games for preschoolers at my house.

Each kid will get to administer their choice of sprinkles to their own cupcake.

Sprinkles? Yay!

Rosie will be face painting the little ones at the party. She's a real helper, that girl. Plus she will be leading the crowd in a "treasure hunt" for their gift bags.

Who ever started gift bags anyways? What a lame idea. Not only do I have to craft a fun-filled, creative, heart-warming party and buy presents for my kid, I've got to buy presents for all the other kids! You try to find a bunch of small items that don't cost megabucks and will not end up in the circular file within days. It's tough.

We are giving Mini-Me a princess outfit with the requisite tiaras and rings (because she is that kind of a girl). I'm sort of hoping she'll choose to wear it to the party.

Can you imagine the pictures?


Mike said...

One thing we did a couple times instead of gift bags was to pass out books. One year we had little activity books and another year it was something more reading-oriented. It was a maybe little bit more expensive than the gift bags, but not much. Most of the kids liked it and all of the parents did.

Sue said...

Ooooooh. That's a creative idea. Too late for me this year, though. This year we've got wiggly straws, pencils, stickers and lemon drops. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

um, I'm wondering if there can be an exception and for you to provide me with my very own gift bag.

I'll bring birthday hats, ok?