Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear Hair,

What have I done to upset you? Why are you acting so unreasonable?

I wash you lovingly. I uber-condition you with expensive products. You are combed gently each day.

Why are you running away?

Come back! I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy! I'll change. I'll take more vitamins. I'll spend even more on expensive hair products. Anything! Just tell me what I can do.



A few days ago I went in for a biannual ultrasound of my thyroid gland. My goiter. My lovely lump on the left. I'll be doing the bloodwork soon to see how my thryroid function is going. Up? Down? Hopefully stable. Or "normal", though I understand there is some controversy about what "normal" is.

I'm feeling a bit skittish about my upcoming appointment with the thyroid Dr. because I have been experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism. Though to the misdiagnosis and confusion of many, these symptoms are also signs of stress and/or aging. Great!

First. People - I am losing hair big time. Every time I comb or brush my hair, handfuls come out. I find my hairs all over my clothes and in bunches on the floor! And washing my hair? Forget it. Bucketfulls come out. It is getting scary.

WARNING: if you are squeemish about hair - go no further.

Check this out. Does this seem normal to you?

brushing after a shower

hair in the drain of my shower

Yuck! I know!

Losing hair is especially trying for my little ego, because it is
- my only good feature (I say)
- one of my many good features (sweet, sweet hubby says)

My GP says that another possible cause is the devastating flu I had earlier this year. Something about hair going into shock, then restarting all on the same schedule, so that the natural falling out happens all at once instead of in stages.


I just want it to stop.

Luckily I have had a pretty thick head of hair, so I'm still OK. No bald patches yet.
(knocking on my wooden desk).


ciara said...

you know how i feel on this subject! lol have you been gaining a lot of weight in a reasonably short amt of time? feeling tired, sluggish? all those things always are a part of other diseases, but when all those have been ruled out, they really should look at the thyroid. i went from your hair situation, to it not falling out as much, to back to losing so much i could make someone a nice wig out of it. gone are my 'thick' hair days.

in the early days that's how i knew i needed my thyroid check...these days it's how i know i have too much thyroid hormone. i still can't get to a good level. normal peeps have a thyroid level of about 1.3, so if you are at 3.0 you could still be feeling quite bad. i have to be at around 1.0. have ya tried a combination of T3 and T4 meds? that helps me, but i think it's my forgetting to take them at the same time or not remembering if i did and probably taking too much, that is causing me to have have .2 reading...now i'm up to .7

Sue said...

Ciara - Yikes! .7 sounds pretty high.

I'm not on meds (yet) and hope to stay away from them as long as possible.

Truly, I'm hoping that the hair dropage is from my flu, not from thyroid stuff.

Time will tell, right?

ciara said...

actually .7 is not high...it's just under 1.0, but then i guess it could be considered high as far as meaning too much thyroid hormone. i always feel bad when i'm over 1.0...in my early days i was up around 5.0 (too little hormone) or so. i felt almost comatose at times. i had my free T4's tested, too, and so i'm at a 'good' place right now...still losing hair all the time tho :(

i hope it's from the flu, too, because thyroid disease is usually a life-long thing. there's no more 'normal'.

Sue said...

Ciara - OK. I guess I don't understand all those numbers yet. I'd better get it together before my next appt.