Thursday, June 17, 2010


I hate yoga.

I despise it. I loathe it. I dread it.

I have to do it this morning. My trytogetpumpedup program says today is the day.

Not only is it so crazy hard that it makes me want to cry. It is booooooring. I know there are millions of folks who just swear by yoga. Even good friends (you know who  you are) love it. And I'll admit that I have probably approached it the wrong way. I should be doing some beginneritssoeasy class. But no. I'm doing YogaX - an extreme yoga workout.

Another complaint I have is that it is so looooong. An hour and a half. All the other P90X workouts are about an hour (or less!). But Yoga? Uggg. (shuddering) It's too long.

As I grow older I become more convinced of what I knew as a young swimmer. I am a sprinter. I love to sprint. To go all out for short periods. I never was good at long distance swimming. Running? Well, I rarely ran more than 4 miles - but at least there was some visual or audio stimulation there. And with this crazy X program, I love the weight lifting, the pull ups, the squats. You go as hard as you can for as long as you can, then you STOP. And it's OK. You sweat. You pant. Your heart pounds. Your muscles burn. You feel GOOD!

With Yoga you get into some fantastically twisted, painful and impossible to hold position and then the instructor says, "Now breath. Again. Stretching. Reaching, Breathing" for like a minute or more! If I wasn't sweating blood I'd fall asleep. And it's just oh so motivating when one falls over during a yoga position. Really makes me want to get right back into it. And that weird music. WAAAwawawa  WAAAwawawa. Drives me nuts.

Then there's the clothing issue. Since you get into all kinds of crazy upsidedown positions, you can't wear regular work out clothes. T-shirt? No way - it'll hang in your face while your leg is in the air and your face down by your knee. Everything has to be fairly form fitting, though not restricting. Sigh. I could never do yoga in public.

The only fun time I've had with yoga is when I did it with Hubby. We talked and complained together the whole time. It was us against the DVD. Nice.

This morning I am alone. Hubby off to work. Kids asleep. Even the dog is still asleep. But if I'm going to fit it in today, it has to be now. Ack!

Saaaaave meeeeeee!