Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sleeping In

Today I slept in.

It was a luxurious, once in a blue moon occasion.

I went to bed on time last night too. It wasn't a late night that prompted the decadent lying in. I did it because I could. And usually, I can't. There are a variety of factors that force me to wake earlier than I'd prefer: MiniMe coming in and wanting to "snuggle" - which means touch my face and bounce and laugh and generally wake me up, Hubby getting ready for work, Lucy barking, anxiety, Rosie's 8am phone class...etc.

But today, when Hubby got up at whatever ungodly hour he arises, and clunks about getting dressed, making coffee, jangling keys...etc. I rose only slightly from my coma like stupor. I knew it was still early and I rolled over. Mmmmmm.....

About 7:15 I woke up again thinking I'd better get up and wake up Rosie for her 8am class. But I felt defiant. Rebellious. "Who cares if she misses one class?" I thought as I dozed off again. Later I heard her bumping about and talking on the phone, and felt content in my decision. She had gotten up on her own. Mmmmm. Roll over again, snuggle in the blankies and fade to black once again.

It's summer, after all! I deserve a good sleep in during the summer. I work my tail off all school year and I want to be a bum in the summer.

I finally woke up once and for all about 8:45 when MiniMe came in. She has been sick, and must've needed lots of sleep last night (thank GOD).

It felt soooo good to not rush. To not feel pressured. To luxuriate in laziness for one morning. But did I let it end there? No way.

Later in the day? I took a nap! Ha ha ha ha ha. It is the polar opposite of my normal life. But I thought, "Hey! It's summer and I don't HAVE to do anything in the next hour." So down I went on the reading chair with my feet up, and a blankie covering me. Aaahhhh. I probably only slept for 15 minutes. But it was lovely to just sit/lay there with my eyes closed, thinking of nothing.

Isn't that great?


Anonymous said...

It's kind a like being the P90X of sleeping in.