Monday, June 21, 2010

Where is My Summer?

Summertime is here. Supposedly.

But I'm still waiting for my down time. My restful time. My time to stay in pajamas all day.

(Wow - I was looking back through some of my old posts to find one I'd written about staying in my pj's all day. Hey! They're pretty good! I was an awesome blogger there for a while. I even laughed at my own writing. Boy, has my life changed.)

Let me explain the reasons why I am not fully enjoying summertime just yet. First and foremost, my darling ARG hasn't finished his schoolwork! Arg! ARG! This means that I have to continue bugging him to actually complete his work, while enforcing the NOCOMPUTERTIMEBECAUSEYOURNOTDONEWITHSCHOOLYETBUDDY rule. Then, burden of burdens, I have to help him if he needs help. Bleah. I am sick and tired of transitions and introductions and conclusions. I've had it up to here with x squared - y squared over y squared - x squared. And I haven't looked at the logic book for a YEAR. Can you imagine how much I'll have to study to be able to help him study? Man!

Next, my girls are in ballet camp. Which is super and awesome and lovely and all that. For me it means dropping off and picking up each girl at different times, and packing a lunch - something I NEVER do.

Can't forget to mention that derned P90X which takes up a chunk each day. And yes, I 'm getting stronger, but my mighty muscles are still covered with a nice soft layer of fat.

Honestly? I do have more time off now than I do when all three kids are in school. But I think I need a major detox to be able to slow down. I'm still all "OK! Now I've gotta do this. OK! Now I'm going to do that." Even if I take a nap (oh glorious nap) it is a brief respite from the rest of my frenzied life.

I'm wishing for a week or two when I have the WHOLE day with no plans. No one to oversee. Nothing to get done.

Will that ever happen again? Maybe when Mike and I sneak away for our 20th anniversary next year.

Crazily enough, for all the kvetching I do about my frenzied, kid-filled life,  I burst into tears today when I heard the lyrics from Unchained Melody:

"And time goes by, so slowly
And time can do so much"

I had just dropped of ARG at Skyline College for a math placement test and MiniMe didn't want to come into the store with me for the first time. "My kids are growing up!".....*sniff*....."The small kid part of my life is over FOREVER!"....sob. 

Life is weird. And unpredictable.