Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OK - here it is.

For two sweet days I have had absolutely NO plans.


I managed to stay in my pajamas until 11am on Monday. I would've stayed in them all day except for the dreaded P90X work out, to which I am for some reason committed. I worked out earlier today so I've spent most of the day clothed.

But the BIG news is not about me and my exciting summer. The BIG news is that tomorrow I drive up to Sacramento to pick up my ManBoy. Yes, he has been away for a week. His first stay-away camp. I know, I know. I'm overprotective and most people send their kids away at about 5. But we never have felt the need to foist him off on someone else until now. (well, we would've sent him to this brainiac camp last year that he qualified for with early SAT scores...brag...brag....but it was $3K for two weeks- uh, no.)

This summer he attended two fencing camps. One in Placerville at Hangtown Fencing, and one in Sacramento a Hristov/Czikany Fencing Club. The coolest part is that the coach for the Sac camp is named Hristo Hristov. Pretty cool name, huh? AND, he is the head saber coach at Princeton (be impressed).

ARG stayed with a family who has taken good care of him. He has fenced six hours a day and done lots of reading, gaming, movie-ing and sleeping in his off time. For me it has been strange. It has been like a part of me was missing. Like, now, where did my leg go?

I really LOVE when ARG calls and texts us. I feel so much better to know he is OK multiple times per day. I think I will cry a lot when he goes away to college. And when all three are gone? Oy. Let's just say I started crying in Trader Joe's this week when I heard some sappy song that reminded me of time going by......I am pathetic like that.

One especially cool part of picking ARG up is that on the drive home from Sac is FENTONS! Yum! That seems like the perfect way to end fencing camp and re-bond with my ManBoy. Right?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes Fentons it is.I want a post on just what you both had