Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm bringing it!

Bringing what, you ask?  Intensity. Commitment. Extreme-ness.

I am doing P90X. Ever heard of it? It's a fitness program where you do way too many workouts, everyday for 90 days. Push ups, pull ups, weights, core stuff, jumping, squats, lunges, yoga, stretching, all kinds of crazy stuff.

ARG is doing it with me. We follow a DVD program for about an hour each day until we are sweating and beat. One thing I can say for this program, it gives you a good workout.

But I can't say much, because we are only on day, like, 16 out of 90. We are newbies. Beginners.

I am hoping to be able to do one real pull up at the end of this program. And ten real (not girlie) push ups in good form. I'd like to look awesome and be healthier too. That would be nice.

It says if you do the program and follow the nutrition plan, you'll have a "beach body". If you don't follow the nutrition plan, which we are not (sadly), you will get in great shape - you just won't look like it. Hmmm..... I guess brownies don't cancel out the push ups, they just hide the effects from view under a layer of fat.

Thankfully the guy who lead the classes on the DVDs is pretty funny and un-annoying. He's a pretty good motivator too- Tony Horton.

You know what is the hardest part of all? You might think massive push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges and cardio jumping craziness. Nope. It's the yoga. The da$%#&m yoga. It is next to impossible (at least for us). Now I am a moderately flexible person. I can reach further than anyone in my family, nuclear and extended. But I am falling all over the place and giving up left and right during the yoga DVD. Plus it is darn tiring! It's like an hour and 20 minutes of H E double toothpick. And poor ARG just can't manage hardly any of it. He is uber-unflexible. And the twists and stange positions....well, he just can't get into them, much less hold them for 60 seconds. He doesn't get much of a work out the yoga day. That said, the other DVDs rock. They are very, very, very hard. But they are mostly do-able.

I am a little concerned that I have two trips planned during my 90 days of fitness extremeness. And one of them is camping - no DVDs there.  I supposed I can bring DVDs to the hotel for the other trip. But there isn't much free space in most hotel rooms.....

My 90 days of bringing it! might turn into 100 days.


Mike said...

Wow, that sounds terrible. Good luck.

Sue said...

It IS terrible. Thanks.