Saturday, July 3, 2010


We're off tomorrow morning to Atlanta for summer nationals. Our flight leaves at 6am (ouch!). But hopefully that means we'll get there in time for ARG and me to head over to the venue for weapons check. Getting that out of the way is always a relief.

And I know ARG wants to do some fencing shopping. New mask. New shoes. Oy. But he is going to pay for his new gear himself this time. Yay! Thats why he opted to get the non-visor mask ($300) instead of the visor mask ($500). Now you know why I complain about fencing being so expensive. Masks last no longer than two seasons, and usually just one. Again, oy.

As usual, I am a bit nervous before a plane flight. I've already written the requisite "If I die" letter, so I won't have that on my mind when I think I'm going to die. The other strategy I am using is to rent MiniMe's new dvd player and bring it on the plane and watch funny and sci-fi movies the whole flight. I rented a bunch of them. ARG and I both have headphones. I'm thinking Blazing Saddles for the take off, and Colbert's Christmas special for landing. Maybe a Star Trek movie in between, we'll see.

In a way I am happy to have a one week break from the norm. No cooking. No cleaning. No ordering kids around (well, just one - but he's pretty reasonable on vacation). Seeing a new place. Trying new things. Especially new food! I've gotten some good tips of places to hit in Atlanta. And I must, must, must see the history center there. I dont' care if ARG doesn't want to go, he's going. It's the least he can do to pay me back for six days of standing around watching fencing.

And it's not all him fencing. He only fences three times. During those times, I stand on the side of his strip, making small talk while I really want to scream or throw up from nerves. I tell myself to SHUT UP, so I don't say anything too stupid. And I endeavor to not grunt and groan or jump around while ARG fences. And I tell myself over and over how proud I am of him for all his hard work, no matter how he does.

The rest of the time we watch friends fence. And the Olympians fence. That is actually pretty cool. ARG has actually met two olympic fencers so far. I think that is awesome for him. But aside from the few dramatic and exciting bouts, there is A LOT of waiting around the convention center amidst electronic beeps from the fencing gear, lots of chatter and sporadic yells and screeches from the fencers.

Atlanta is supposed to be 90 degrees during the day, and 70 at night. Nice. Hope I don't sweat too much.