Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I guess I can now be considered a sporadic blogger. I think of my dear blog often,  And occasionally I have a few spare minutes to write. But let's face it, my brain cells are in high demand these days. I can't spare too many to write about .... whatever it is I write about.

Tonight I am pondering how life can be floating (lurching?) along quite nicely, or at least routinely, and then BOOM! Something hits you out of bleeping left field. I'll be concerned about ARG's fencing. I'll be worried about my crazy schedule. I'll wonder what to make for dinner tomorrow. And then POW! Whoa...never saw that coming.

Of course, I can't tell the teensiest detail of the POW to which I am referring in this post. Neener.

Don't worry. I'm healthy, The Fam are healthy. Not getting divorced. Hubby not losing job. (those are the big ones people might think of, right?)

But on top of the super-POW I received tonight, I got to counsel both my girlies who were hysterically crying over a fight. "She said she hates me and thinks I'm ugly! Waaaaaaaah" which was deftly responded to with "Well, you say that to ME sometimes." "No I don't!" "Yes you do!" Sigh......

Then my mom called to inform me she can't come over tomorrow. Man! There goes my day. Either ARG misses fencing or the girls have to come along (so fun for them). And my last minute plan to shop for Hubby's birthday present? Uh.....hmm.... not sure what I'll do. Swell.

I can really relate to people who take drugs and drink to escape reality. I'm not joking. Well I suppose I relate more to the desire to escape than the actually druggin and drinking my life away. That stuff just doesn't work. Too many side effects, mostly. And I never really forget my problems.

And tonight I have no Netflix DVD to watch. No book to read (unless you count Moby Dick, which I'm plowing through for teachings' sake). So it's me and the Internets tonight.

What are your favorite sites for entertainment, escaping reality or just fun stuff (no nasty stuff please!)


HaynesBE said...

My thoughts are with you.
Life has been very crazy for me---spent the last two weeks sitting with my father-in-law at Kaiser Hosp. He's home now---and I am spending days in HMB but nights at their place in Los Gatos. Mostly grateful he is still with us!!
Just got your phone message yesterday (probably from a long time ago---a "doctor" question.)
Let's catch up sometime soon!

Sue said...

Hey Beth - I'm sorry about your father in law. That's rough for you, but I'm happy he is still with you.

I loved seeing pics of you at the tea party.