Monday, April 26, 2010

Questions about today

I have been back from San Diego for three weeks or so. And even though there were so many things to write about, I couldn't seem to get the steam up to do it.

I am sitting here at 7:27am on a Monday morning. In a few minutes I'll wake up Rosie for her 8:00am history class, and then I will begin the daily juggle. What will MiniMe do for school today? Will she joyously bounce up and down because she "gets" something? Or will she droop and say "I'm tired" when I ask her to do something.

Will Rosie finish her history test? Will she be able to put her knowledge into sentences that make sense? (because I know she knows the material). Will ARG finish his paper on One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch? It's already late. Will he make the changes I suggested? Or will I have to give him his first bad grade of the semester?

Will Lucy yap all day, annoying the neighbors? That is a silly question - of course she will. I'll have to run interference between her and the neighbors ("get inSIDE!") and the girls ("stop playing with the dog and do your work!")

Will my back hurt? Will the telephone batteries last through both kids' history classes? Will the kids fight? (another dumb question) Will ARG get anything out of his book club? Will fencing be stressful tonight (for me)? Will ARG's coaches be as interested in advancing his fencing as I am?

Will I be able to find joy in the overwhelm that is my life? Will we laugh enough? Love enough?