Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A True Miscellanea

People who talk about how "busy" they are annoy me. But then I find myself realizing that being "busy" is a prominent theme in my life right now. Maybe I'm just not accustomed to the rushiness of my current situation. Perhaps I got too comfortable in the bubble of pregnancy/baby/toddler/young children-hood. Life wasn't "busy" then.

But now *sigh* I have a teen, a preteen, a five year old and many different classes, activities and commitments. I drive way too much. I rush way too much. Even when I have an hour or so with no definite commitment, I feel anxious to accomplish the humongous list of STUFF I've got to do. Bills, school research, fencing research, church organization....and FB Scrabble for goodness sakes.

Occasionally I look to a nice glass of wine to help me relax. And it does, for about a half hour. Then I'm just tired and want to sleep. Doesn't make me very productive.

If I met me, I would be annoyed.

And now for something completely different....

I might have a dress! Nordstrom - love 'em! Need to decide between royal blue or rosey/pink (but not a little girl pink, and not magenta either). It's not a knock'em dead dress. But let's face it, a "knock'em dead" body is a prerequisite to get that effect. But it's pretty, simple and not too revealing. I'm going in a few days to try it on again - bringing my BFF for a second opinion.

A small glimpse into our school day:

MiniMe - "A rat sat on Pam." 

Rosie - "Lavoisier was the founder of modern chemistry."

ARG - "Finally got that mersenne prime algorithm working." (what does that even mean?)

Tomorrow NanNan comes and we'll have our first celebration of her birthday (the other comes over the weekend with the whole family). I foresee homemade pesto, sausage pizza. I predict warm brownies, vanilla icecream and homemade hot fudge on top.

Tomorrow won't help me look good in my dress.