Monday, March 29, 2010

Dress Update

...because I know you will all be sad if I go away to San Diego with out first telling you the outcome of my quest for the dress. (did I tell you I was going to San Diego for a week?)

Drum roll please.....


It is just what I wanted. This might sound weird, but I actually prayed for help finding the right dress. And God is good. This dress kicks!

Well, I exaggerate in my enthusiasm. It is actually a very subtle dress, but it suites me very well. First of all, it is the exact color I was seeking: saphire (royal blue is not dazzling enough). This blue pops. It is crepe, but looks like satin. Basically, my good parts are enhanced, while my....not so good parts are hidden. (except for the flabbalanche arms - nothing I can do about that).

I wish I could post a picture - but I'm too lazy. Maybe at some point I'll do it.

But now, I am preparing to depart on a 9 day vacation in San Diego! With two days at Disneyland in the middle. Woot! MiniMe's first time. She's a Disneyland virgin. I can't wait. I'm already there in my mind.

School? Shmool this week.

Nine days of relaxation. No cooking. Minimal cleaning. Lots of TV watching (live Project Runway!) Pleasant family members who love us.

(now watch, it'll be horrible because I have high expectations)


Mike said...

Wooo! Sounds like a great vacation. Enjoy!

Cathy said...

Have FUN on your well deserved vacation - so jealous! And you MUST post a photo of The Dress, because it is The Dress! (Oh and previous post - don't feel rushed with the Scrabble game! lol)