Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dress Dress Dress

I need a dress.

A stunning, gorgeous, fashionable, floor length gown. It must make me look fabulous. Does such a dress exist?

The occasion for this fabulous frock? Hubby's parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary in August. Isn't that awesome? Fifty years man.... that's a long time to sleep next to someone. Though they didn't sleep together a lot during Vietnam, but that's another story. We are all super excited to honor them and party with them on their 50th. Family and friends from all over the country are coming.

It will be in August, in San Francisco, at the Marine Memorial Hotel. So Hubby and I are sort of, unofficially, the hosts. We'll be looked to for good times before and after the big event. (recommendations for restaurants & hot spots that accomodate 26 people at once will be appreciated!)

You might wonder, "why must she get a floor length dress?" Let me tell you. The last evening of the last sisters trip to NYC we had dinner and a swishy French restaurant. After perhaps a few too many glasses of superb french wine, we all agreed to go formal for the 50th. Women in floor length gowns, men in tuxedos. The poor men. Poor us too. What were we thinking? At least we should get some pretty awesome pictures.

My quest for the mythic gown began last year. For months and months I've visited the many department stores and bridal boutiques that carry such dresses. Saks. Macy's. Nordstrom. No luck. I've also searched extensively online. Nada. (mostly because I would be too scared to order something without trying it on first)

It seems that most dresses are targetted at either a.) skinny mini 24 year olds or b.) mothers of the bride. And I am NOT wearing a MOB dress. I know I'm getting old, but jeesh! Sadly, all the non MOB dresses are strapless or very much sleeveless. So my flabbalanche arms will be out for the world to see. Sigh.

I am feeling a bit hopeful about Nordy's, as their dresses are reasonably priced (under $200 mostly) and I was told they are getting a lot of new dresses in soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

If I don't find a dress by May, I'll probably have to order a bridesmaid-type dress from a bridal store. It will be nice, but boring. We'll see.

I will definitely keep you posted.