Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What can I say?

Inertia is a strong force.

I stopped posting when things got crazy during the holidays, then busy with back to school.

But three (count them!) people asked me when I was going to post again (darlings, you know who you are). This PROVES that there are more than two buddies who read my blog. Ha. There may even be FOUR people who check in from time to time. Amazing.

But what topic to write about for my 2010 debut post?
- how Lucy ate two Spanish dolls handed down from my GranNina?
- how both ARG and Rosie have been snuffling and coughing for two weeks?
- how Hubby got a new job and is a more relaxed fellow?
- how infinitely sweet and adorable MiniMe is (when she's not whining)?
- how my chauffeuring schedule has dramatically improved?
- how I valiantly strive to manifest a family vacation? (Monterey here we come!)
- how I went to a national fencing tournament and DIDN'T get nervous?
- how I'm reading Aristotle for the first time? (well, maybe I read some in college)
- how I pulled my back with an especially powerful sneeze? (is there any surer indicator of aging?)

No, the most compelling and appropriate topic for my first post back is.....

My wart.

Got one on my finger. Left. Ring. I wouldn't mind so much except it gets banged and bumped a lot, causing swelling and pain. Plus, the dang thing is ugly!

I had a huge wart on the back of my heel as a child. I went through many treatments to get rid of the darn thing. Freezing with liquid nitrogen (ouch!). Burning with acid (ouch!) What finally did it though, was a cauterizing knife. I'll never forget the SEVENTEEN shots to numb the area before the cutting began. They hurt like the dickens! I cried. My mom cried. But the wart died.

This time though, I am going to try home remedies first. Mostly because we just went with a Health Savings Account, and I have to pay for all medical care out of my own pocket now.

The first idea came from my mom, who got it from some show on TV. Dr. Somethingorother said you can smother a wart by keeping it covered with electrical tape for two weeks. Since I didn't have any electrical tape handy, I just went with a wet bandaid. (I know, it's a bit gross) I do change the thing every day. But I keep it wet. Then, after about four days I noticed the wart was white and soft. So, as Dr. Somethingorother recommended, I took an emory board and FILED the darn thing down.

It was a trip. Most of it got sanded right off. And it didn't hurt. The huge volcano shaped wart is now a butte (no! not butt) shaped wart. It's levelled off.

But I think the evil fungus has roots deep under the skin. And I can't file my skin off. So....

While I keep it covered with a bandaid, I'm considering my next move: Wart Wonder. Seriously. My kids' pediatrician actually recommended it. I'm going to give it a go. I just need to find a place that sells it cheaper than GreenLeaf. $25.99 - what a rip!

So there it is. My wart saga.

Maybe next time I have a spare twenty minutes when I can actually think (summertime, perhaps?) I'll fill you in on another critical conundrum in my life: WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR!