Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day of Rest?

As a Christian, I am instructed in the bible to rest on the Sabbath. When I was young and energetic I didn't think I needed a day of rest. Now that I am .... getting older ..... I can fully appreciate why the Lord would set aside one day each week for rest (and prayer and worship...etc.)

But folks, I don't get any rest on Sundays. Writing THIS is my rest. And as you know, I haven't been writing here much lately.

It's a combination of serving at church (which is awesome, but often extremely tiring, not to mention time consuming), fencing tournaments, cooking & cleaning, helping with homework, playdates...etc. It just seems like I end up with about one hour of free time on Sundays - and that is not enough!

Today I served only for the first service of church, which was a really nice change. I mean, I love Pastor Dave's sermons, but I don't need to hear them twice in the same morning. Ya know?

At home, I cleaned up the kitchen from yesterday (I was out all day). Then I moved on to my disgustingly dirty and damp backyard. Cutting vines, moving furniture, sweeping, spraying and picking up dog poop. (oh, did I mention that Hubby's folks  are coming on Wednesday? hence all the cleaning)

After that, I proceeded to vacuum the entire first floor of the house, wood and rugs. That took some time.

Next I spent over an hour in the kitchen preparing a super-healthy veggie/pasta salad that I HOPE my kids will eat. While I washed, chopped, boiled and mixed, I helped ARG prepare for his history test. It's tomorrow. What is the essence of the Renaissance and all that.

Paid (or avoided)  bills. Got Lucy her dog license (finally!) Read FB. And now this.

As I type this post Rosie is pleading, "Will we eat soon? I'm so HUNGRY!"

After dinner, I'll go pick up ARG from his youth group. Then put MiniMe to bed.

Then put ME to bed.

As my sister-in-law said: "I'm doing this because I GET to do it." And that is true. I love that I can cook healthy food for my family. And having Hubby's folks is always so rewarding and fun. And let's face it, I'll feel better walking in the back yard now that the poop is picked-up. So it's all good things.

But where is my day of rest?


Anonymous said...

like the happy picture