Thursday, December 10, 2009

vacation...I wish

While many may be interested and regaled by stories from my crazy, mixed-up life (you know, the life that keeps me from writing posts), I don't really feel like going there.

Instead I am going on vacation........

I am lying on a warm beach in Hawaii. Probably Kauii. My muscles are completely relaxed. The chi chi helped with that. My mind is pleasantly slow. Chi chi, again.

Earlier today I ran 6 miles on the beach. The fresh breeze off the ocean cooled me as I sweated. I felt strong and healthy as my legs pumped through the sand. The blue ocean vista on one side, and funny tourists on the other was beautiful and entertaining.

So as I lay on the sand I feel that I have earned the right to rest and be lazy. The repetitive sound of the waves crashing lulls me and somehow instills a peaceful feeling deep inside. Hubby is relaxing next to me. He probably ran earlier today too. No, he surfed. And is mightily pleased and content with his performance.

The kids are not here. They are home being cared for lovingly by their grandma.

Hubby and I are talking about important things, but in a relaxed, agreeable way. He enjoys chi chi's too.
Tonight will be fun. We will go to a sweet restaurant and enjoy fresh fish and fruit and complex flavors. Then we'll take a long walk on the beach, holding hands. Later, well......

Tomorrow we have planned a long hike through the rainforest. First we will have large cups of Kona coffee and a delicious breakfast of pineapple, bacon and eggs. We'll pack a lunch and take lots of pictures. I'll post them on FB when we get back., that's where I'd like to be folks.

I love certain things about Christmas, but NOT the busy-ness and craziness. Next year, things will be different.