Friday, November 20, 2009

A new era

A new era has dawned in our little family. A paradigm shift. A turning point.

ARG has his first paying job!

Do you know how long I have waited for this? Well, I guess it's not that hard to figure out. Thirteen years I've been waiting! My little consumer has turned a corner and is beginning on his path towards being a producer for the family. Woot!

When it rains it pours, because he actually has two jobs.

Thanks to Hubby who has larned'im how to do computer stuff - he has his first gig helping someone with their website. A cashola - paying gig! I am strongly encouraging ARG to help out the fam by sharing some of his beaucoup dolores with us (read - me). He hasn't actually gotten any money yet. Hopefully he'll do a bang-up job and get more jobs in the future. Dreamy.....

The other foot-in-the-door on the way to bringing-home-the-baconhood is a job helping run a fencing class for little tykes at his fencing club. His first day is today. In return he gets a free private lesson. YES! Saves me that much more money. Historically, ARG hasn't been a huge fan of younger kids, but I'm hoping that the fencing element will give him the enthusiasm to  do a  good job.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, when can Rosie start babysitting?