Friday, September 25, 2009


I am truly getting old when the most interesting things to write about are my health complaints.

I had my yearly thyroid test and doc appointment a few days ago. Good news! My old throat gland is still producing all the appropriate hormones at levels within the "normal" range. I'm not having any symptoms either. So I'm good! Hashimoto ain't got nothin on me for another year.

(the best news that made me the happiest is that I weigh .1 lb. less than I did last year! Woot!)

The doc said that probably by the time I'm fifty or sixty (eons away!) my thyroid will "burn out" and stop producing enough hormones. Then I'll have to take meds everyday. Oh well. I suppose there are worse things.

Speaking of taking meds everyday; I am going to do an experiment. In an effort to relieve my chronically congested and often painful sinuses, I am going to take my allergy medicine every night for a few weeks. I always thought the allergy meds just stopped the sneezing and stuff. But my thyroid doc said that IF my congested sinuses were caused by allergies, an antihistamine might help stop the congestion.

That would sure be nice. I've been waking up lately with so much pressure in my nasal, ear, general head area passages that I can't go back to sleep. It makes my neck muscles and jaw muscles hurt too. Bummer. So, we'll see if feeling "edgy" (which I often do on the allergy meds) is worth clearing up the sinuses.

On the topic of health, I've been striving semi-mightily to be careful about my food in the last week. When my "fat jeans" resemble sausage casings, I know it's time to get a grip.

One tactic that has worked for me in the past, is to eat one large, healthy meal at about 2:30 in the afternoon. Then I'm not hungry at dinner time, and can get by on humongous amounts of water for the rest of the evening. I'm pretty sure I get enough vitamins and minerals, but I cut way down on the overall calories. I don't do it forever. Just for a week.

I guess I picked the wrong week. It seems like every night there is a very compelling reason to eat dinner too: date night with Hubby, eating out with ARG for his English assignment (he has to do a restaurant review), guests visitng...etc. It hasn't worked real well so far. My jeans are feeling pretty restricting even as I write.

Jeans don't lie - I always say.

I've pretty much given up on the idea that I will be one of the people (I know they exist) that eat reasonable portions of reasonable meals and only have dessert ocassionally. I just haven't been able to do that (for whatever lame reasons). I'm reasonably good on the exercise side of things, but the (over) eating has always been my achilles heel.

Maybe next week.