Thursday, September 17, 2009


As usual, I am stealing borrowing from Beth (because she said it so good, I can't say it better!).

My values are not about...

"Right vs. Left or Republican vs. Democrat.
The principles I believe in
are all variations of one essential battle:

for Individual Rights and against Statism. (woo hoo!)

I am for Equality before the Law instead of Egalitarianism.

I am for Property Rights instead of Legal Plunder.

I am for Constitutional Limits instead of Unlimited Majority Rule.

I am for Peace instead of the Initiation of Force.

I am for Wealth Production instead of Wealth Distribution.

I am for Compassion instead of Envy.

I am for Charity instead of involuntary, government welfare programs.

I am for Personal Responsibility instead of the Nanny State.

I am for Community, which to me means living together in freedom, and interacting voluntarily, not using the ballot box to force my neighbor into actions he would otherwise not choose to take.

I am for the Free Trade of value-for-value, not government control of my economics choices.

I am for the Pursuit of Happiness, and the right of each of us to live for our own sake--not laws which require me to live for the sake of others, or others to live for the sake of me."

BTW, did you know it is Constitution Day today?



Beth said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Since those ideas are not private property--use can them all you want without an ounce of guilt.

It's nice to know you are out there reading.