Friday, August 7, 2009

Freaky Friday

Lucy the dog has been doing remarkably well. She sleeps great. Travels like a charm - not one peep for 8+ hours from San Diego to home. Walks reasonably well. Is about as cute as a button.

It's just that I expect perfection (makes my life so fulfilling as you can imagine).

I vacillate between worrying about "accidents" in the house, and feeling that the worry is worse than the accident. We let her have free run throughout the house now (though we keep bedroom doors shut cause she just can't resist a good garbage can dive, or underwear chew). She has had very few "accidents" in the house, considering she is 5 months old.

However, every accident that has occured in the last month, has occured on a Friday. What is it about Fridays? Rosie thinks it is because we are relaxed. I have no idea what it could mean. Freak coincidence? Somethng in the neighborhood that we are not aware of?

Today as I was getting out of the shower, MiniMe said "Ew! It smells like poop in here." My heart sank. Sure enough, right next to my reading chair, a big plop.

Then, later in the day when I was enjoying a nap in said reading chair, I heard doggie come in the room. I didn't open my eyes and she ran right out again. But when I got up, my first step was into a big wet spot on the rug. Yuck!

It is frustrating for a person who doesn't tolerate mistakes.

But seriously, I wonder when the doggie brain "gets it" that business takes place outside, not inside. And am I doing something wrong that is confusing her?

And what the heck is it about Fridays?