Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 Things

My friend Beth often writes about Three Good Things on her blog (and even FB!)

As my parting shot before hitting the beach in San Diego, I thought I'd do the balanced, Libra thing and think of three good things, and three BAD things. Of course they are not deep and meaningful good and bad things, because that would inevitably offend someone. So, they'll be light and fluffy, but still Good and Bad things none the less (is that one word? nonetheless?)

Good Things:
1. Getting out of a good hot shower, into clean jammies, into a bed with spankin' clean sheets! Aaah...
2. Brownies (with extra chocolate chips) that are still moist and chewy in the middle.
3. Listening to the prattle of my youngest, because I know she is my last little one, and it's the last time one of my children will babble like only five year olds can. Oh, plus kissing her sweet, soft cheek.

Bad Things:
1. Tight jeans / muffin top
2. When your toenail polish smudges after you spent way too much time and energy bent over your toes trying to make them pretty.
3. When your puppy hides under a bed and you have to run all the way downstair, get a treat, and call "Lucy COME!" in a sweet voice when you'd really like to throttle the mutt for disobeying. (Also, when she refuses to go potty because it is wet outside. Hello! We live on the coast! It's wet half the year! Oy)

Ta da.

We're off to San Diego tomorrow. First time with the dog. Should be an interesting drive.

Catch ya on the flip side.


Mike said...

I can't believe I read three bad things without a mention of the government. You feeling ok? :)

Sue said...

Well, I did say "light and fluffy".