Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost Girl

I am feverishly preparing for school, ballet, fencing tournaments, online courses...etc. I completely disagree with the idea that school should start in August. But since I am cheap, and want the $$$ that I get through our charter school, I have at least make an effort to get things rolling next week.

The good news is that all of the classes, tournaments, curriculum seem to be falling in line. The bad news is my schedule. I look at our weekly schedule with mild panic. ARG has two hours in the morning for math and programming, then he's booked solid most days with classes: history, English and fencing. Rosie, since she will be in the car with me as I chauffeur ARG to his class, has about three hours for her academics. MiniMe....well, I'm just going to have to squeeze her ABC's and 123's wherever I have time. Poor third child.

Speaking of poor third child. She has lost her best friend. Seems like her big sister who up until now has been her primary playmate has disappeared into books. While I am overjoyed, relieved, proud...etc. that Rosie is finally reading up a storm, I am saddened for MiniMe.

"I don't like when Rosie reads," she whined yesterday, "She never plays with me anymore."

She's right. Rosie doesn't do ANYTHING but read anymore. Talking, sleeping, eating... who needs them? She's got Harry Potter, what else could she need in life? I wonder if the passion for reading will continue past HP? Or will she be rereading the series for the rest of her life? Will I still have to (gulp) force her to read other books? I hope not.....

Anyways, ARG's Bday campout is tongiht. Hubby, bless his soul, is taking four boys on an overnight campout in Pescadero. Brave man.

So, aside from ordering airline tix for a Nov. tournament, applying online for ARG's computer course, and figuring out how the heck to tech Rosie about paragraphs, I need to prepare some yummy food for the boys. And get the sleeping bags out. And air out the tent.

And oh yeah, MiniMe threw up this morning and is on the bed watching a movie.