Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Reader!

Rosie is FINALLY reading!


I don't mean simple reading, or Magic Treehouse reading, or even Boxcar Children reading. I mean really reading big long books. Burying her nose and not wanting to come out. Skipping dinner because she is so entranced by the story. Wanting to talk about the book whenever she's not reading it.

What book/s claim the honor of hooking my beloved slow reader?

Chalk one up to old Harry Potter.

She loves the series. She is reading the 4th book now. We've rented the first two movies and she watches and rewatches. ARG insists that the later books are too scary for her to read. I don't know because (gulp) I've never read them.

I know I should. I know most people have read them. I just never got interested. But I might have to preview book 6 or 7 or however long the series goes. I don't know.

I'm just thrilled that my "I like books with pictures and short chapters" daughter is at last experiencing the delight of a good story. Now I need to find another book or series that is comparable to Harry Potter to keep her going. Ideas I have so far are: Redwall and Narnia.

Any other ideas?