Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've realized something about FB: only kids post interesting things everyday. Most of the adults just take endless "What B Actor are you most like?" tests and post the results. They infinitely poke each other, send easter eggs and vote for favorite dogs. Or they post, like, once a week (or less).

I include myself in the not posting a lot, adult group. Though I do try to do it every so often. It's hard to get to it sometimes. And sometimes I just don't have anything worthwhile to say. And the one time I took one of those dumb quizes; "What LOTR character are you most like?", guess who I was? GOLLUM! Wuh? Me? Gollum? Oh yeah, like I'm really going to share that quiz's results with the world. Hmph.

I definitely need to get more kids on my list. They find the darndest things! ARG posts all kinds of wierd links to videos and images and scary political exposés. Other kids say lots of silly (and amusing) things.

But the adults? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...................