Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bird Brain

Birds must be pretty dumb.

Or maybe just swallows.

Or whatever kind of bird that KEEPS TRYING TO KILL ITSELF against my front window!

Every morning this little fella bonks himself (herself? how does one know?) against the windows on the front of our house. He does it over and over again. First he flies to the railing on our little deck. Then he inspects the windows for a minute or so. And then he proceeds to fly right into the window - whack! He'll land on the railing again, and repeat the process. Over and over. And over.

Of course all that work gets the bodily functions flowing, and my railing and deck are now covered with bird poop. Yick.

He's been at it for a week now. As soon as the sun is up, he's there. He stops around 10am. He was quite a distraction to last week's bible study. "Paul was writing to the Hebrews in Jerusalem because..." WHACK! "He's trying to prepare them for...." BONK!

I've heard varying opinions about why this bird brain is attacking himself in our window:
- hallucinagenic berries
- thinking his own reflection is a potential mate
- an irresistible desire to learn probability and Latin word roots

It is pretty strange to be doing school with the kids, when every few minutes: THUMP! BONK! THWACK!

We've tried running outside and shooing him away. He just comes back. One day I closed the sliding glass door on a towel, hoping its fluttering might scare it off. Nope.

I've decided to try a variation of my cousin's suggestion (to buy a fake owl and perch it on the railing). Instead I have created the very ominous and intimidating construction paper owl/hawk/some sort of bird that might have talons:

Wouldn't you be scared?

I'll keep you posted.


Beth said...

The bird is a robin.
And the owl is hilarious.