Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I love him

Yesterday was our 18 year anniversary. I can't really believe I'm saying that. How old am I anyways? Yikes. Only old farts have had that many anniversaries.

We didn't get to celebrate too much. Partly because I forgot. Until two days before. Now if you know anything about me, you'll know I'm a planner. I get plans in place months in advance. I think. I ponder. I fantasize. I plan to my heart's content - but way before the actual event.

So when I scared my kids by exclaiming in dire tones "Oh my GOSH!" as we were falling asleep in the hotel (in Placerville for a fencing camp) on Saturday, it was way too late to start planning. Two days is not enough time for me to pull something together, especially when one of those days must be spent watching ARG fence.

Plus, our anniversary fell on a Monday. Blah.

But this morning as I admired the beautiful roses he brought me, I thought about some of the reasons I love him. Oh, I probably wrote the same post a year ago. But I'm too lazy and pushed for time to check.

So at the risk of repeating myself and boring all 7 of you, here goes:

Things I love about Hubby:

- he sings when he is happy
- when he is really happy, he RAPS!
- he still rides a sk8board
- he has the most integrity of anyone I know (though he CAN tell a real stretcher of a story)
- he gets up at 5:30am every morning to slog to work and provide for us
- he fixes my computer when it acts up
- he goes with out needed new clothes for months so ARG can keep fencing during lean times
- he takes ARG to tournaments so I don't have to (Whew!)
- he mows the lawn
- he let's me go to NYC (Yipeee!)
- he creates amazingly beautiful pieces of wood furniture
- he always supports me in my personal growth
- he makes time with each kid a priority in his life
- he loves all my cooking
- he doesn't forget anniversaries (unlike some people)
- he did the dishes last night (and the crowd goes wild!)
- he loves his crazy, forgetful wife!


Anonymous said...

Thank hon, Big PDA! Don't forget - you go to NYC, I go to Dallas Fort Worth! oy vey! LOL :-)

- Sk8.