Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More on Homeschooling

I am in homeschool/highschool land.

Join me.

A few people asked which online Math program I referred to in a previous post. It's called Aleks Math and I can recommend it pretty highly. Students only need to repeat lessons when they get wrong answers. Their progress is assessed from time to time. Any questions that are missed on the assessment lead to a re-learning of that particular lesson. My kids like it because they get to choose which topics to work on each day, so they feel they are in control. It allows them to move quite rapidly through the curriculum. As fast as they go, I do feel that that a bit more review would be good. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate that (but haven't yet). For example, ARG is in HS Geometry and can't remember how to do long division because he hasn't had to for a few years.

Another gem I can plug with no qualms is History at Our House - a supreme distance learning history program. It is lecture based, via phone conference calls, with images, maps...etc. online. Assignments are emailed. ARG has learned more about ancient history (and why it matters now) in six months of his junior high class than I ever did in college. And I was a history major! The lectures are lively and Mr. Powell is respectful but demanding on his students.

Options we are considering for next year are Stanford EPGY, Johns Hopkins CTY and/or College of San Mateo for science and English (and probably spanish).

I know - more than you really wanted to know. But I need to get my thoughts out somewhere!