Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She Showed Me

MiniMe did it again.

She showed me who was boss.

Last night as I was helping her get ready for bed, we had a wee disagreement. I wanted her to clean up her ballerina magnet doll, get into her jammies and bed in a reasonable amount of time. She, on the other hand, wanted to put her ballerina magnet doll clothes away in a particular order (because that really matters!), which would take about ten minutes.

I warned her three times that the time she spent matching shoes, pairing skirts with tops...etc. would count as "playing" time and would reduce "reading" time before bed (c'mon, I was tired and uninterested in a prolonged 'putting to bed' time). I even grabbed all the pieces and threw them in the box at one point. But no. She dumped them all back out and began the process all over again. One shoe...now where is that shoe's partner?

Ugh! After a few minutes I grabbed the whole kit and caboodle, put it in the closet, while informing her that she had lost her "reading" time in bed.

Oh! the tears. Oh! the laments. Oh! the begging pathetically with snot dripping out. I withstood these attempts to soften my resolve, got her in her jammies, placed her in bed (with books for HER to look at), turned on the music, turned down the light, said, "I love you!" and left. Big exhale.

A few hours later I slowly realized I was hearing her crying. She had been silent until then. She was really going strong and Hubby made it to her first. Guess where he found her?

Under her bed. Stuck. Screaming.

Yep. She showed us. She positively WON'T sleep in her bed when she's mad at us. Somewhere in her little mind she thought she was getting back at me for the 'no story" consequence. She had gotten out of bed, crawled under the bad and fallen asleep. But when she woke up and tried to get out from under the bed, she couldn't. Hence the crying.

I asked her this morning, and she doesn't remember the crying part at all. Or daddy rescuing her and cuddling her back to sleep in her bed.

She only remembers with pride, "I didn't sleep in my bed because I was mad."

I can't decide if this episode is super-cute, or super-crazy, or both.


Beth said...

They sure have ways of staying true to themselves, don't they?
Thank goodness.

Mike said...

Good luck with that one. ;)

Sue said...

Beth - I guess...it is pretty comical to me.

Mike - thanks- think I'll need it.