Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Future

Sometimes I wonder about what I'll do after the kids are gone. Right now it's so far off. That time of my life seems very hazy and distant. But I think I'll have to start working towards something when MiniMe is about ten, so I'll be ready to jump into a career as she transitions to high school and college.

What have I been thinking about? (darn those dangling participles!) Well, my first passion is history. The idea of spending the rest of my life immersed in the lives and societies of the past, and applying what they experienced and learned to the present sounds delicious. I could teach. I could write. I would love to teach college, or maybe high school. But after dealing with often reluctant students in my own home for umpteen years, I don't know how excited I'll be to teach reluctant high schoolers. But I'd love to go back and get a masters of PhD in history. That would be true fun.

Then I think about what God calls me to do. The Big Guy Upstairs hasn't exactly made it crystal clear what I'm to do apr├ęs kids, only that right now they are my focus and ministry. Period. Probably He knows that if I knew where I was be headed in the future, I'd start heading there now. I'm impatient like that. I move quickly when I know something needs to be done. Sometimes too quickly.

I fantasize about helping people more. Young mothers. Teenage girls. Women who are abused or threatened. But does this need to be a career/job? Or just a ministry within the church. I don't know. I look forward to working outside the home again. But I hope it can be in an area that I love, or at least feel called to do.

But for now, it's quadratic equations, resistors and conductors, predicate adjectives, Ancient Greeks and lots and lots of reading to the girls. It's OK. It's what I want to do. But still, it's nice to think about the future.


Meg Smetzer said...

This reminds me of the old song "Is there Life Out There". I sing it a lot these days. (TMI? sorry)

My oldest is really into Art History and History, if you listen to podcasts we like "Hardcore History" it's worth a listen:

She's off to Cal in the fall. Sigh. I still have HoneyBee who I just signed into Kinder for the new school year so I have a while. I'm hoping that by the time HoneyBee is in College, Mr. Big will be retired (our goal is by 50, so 9 more years) by then so we'll just hang around the house, travel and do good volunteer work together.

If you are really interested in teaching, let me know. There are a LOT of ways to get a degree these days, and kids while have way filthier mouths than 'we' ever did, they are just kids. People assume I like teaching 3rd grade because they are 'cuter' or something, but it's just the job I got. I'm happy teaching big kids too. To watch someone understand something they didn't before gives more to YOU than to them.