Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear Blog

Darling, I'm sorry to say that there is another way of wasting time online internet app that is competing for my attentions. It's Facebook.

Nothing can ever compare to the lengthy, insightful, highly entertaining posts I've written on you. But it is so alluring to write just one sentence. Just one, simple sentence. No effort. No thinking. Niiiiice......

Each time I turn to you with an idea, I think "It would be so much easier to write on FB". And lately, that's what I've been doing.

Plus, Facebook has pictures.

Part of my problem, in general, with all this social networking, is that I have to be so CAREFUL of what I say. I dare not write what's really going on in my heart and head for fear of offending friends, hurting loved ones and dooming my children to years of therapy.

I read lots of mommyblogs, and they write all kind of stuff about their *little* kids. That's because their kids don't read their blogs! I have no such liberty.

So if I must be superficial, why not go all the way? Exchange one liners with bare acquaintances from high school. Tell whoever cares that I think it's a nice day. FB is like the superbowl of superficial.

And, people actually COMMENT(!) on my FB blurbs... hint... hint...

Never fear, dear blog, I'm not saying goodbye. I would never give up the opportunity to write in depth about chocolate chip cookies, rant about politics and share odd happenings in my life.

Hey! Maybe if I just write all my posts about whats going on on FB...........



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Mike said...

Often I just have one sentence to say. Facebook allows me to express that without having to build up a whole blog post about it (as I often do). So, don't apologize!