Saturday, February 7, 2009

If you care....

I'm seeing it all over FB. It used to make the rounds on the blogs.

So in my time honored fashion of being at least 6 months behind the curve of popular culture, I now give to you:

25 Random Things about Me:

- I am a coffee snob (yay Peets! boo Starbucks)

- I need like to sleep at least 9 hours each night.

- I went to a private Jesuit university where I met Hubby.

- I am tall, but I have shrunk 1/2 inch over the last twenty years.

- I am compulsively on-time.

- I speak Spanish mas o menos.

- I do NOT enjoy when my daughter tells me the story of whatever video she has just watched.

- In high school and college I was a DeadHead. I even toured one summer.

- I don't like children's games. I find them boring.

- I have fond memories of drinking absinthe with my brother in Spain and Portugal during college.

Giving a fundraising speech when I was 24 to a room with about 200 Hewlett Packard employees who were forced to listen was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

- I never know what to do with my hair. Bangs? Layers? Long? Ponytail?

- I once thought that if Hubby died (before kids) I would go be a nun in El Salvador.

- I am afraid of being attacked by a shark in the ocean. And of flying (though I'm getting better at that).

- I attended a Left Fest, a fair celebrating communism around the world, in Madrid in 1988 (Reagan's last year in the White House).

- People often think I am "down" or upset when I'm not (I'm just lucky that way).

- I thought I was a Star Wars freak, until my son got way more into it than I ever was (he, of course, is way over that now).

- One of my favorite places to visit is Washington DC.

- Once, I almost converted to Catholicism.

- Polish Pottery makes me happy.

- When I was young I was a great swimmer. I'm still pretty good (when I train).

- I have a crush on John Adams and George Washington.

- I prefer skiing to snowboarding, but prefer sitting in front of a fire with a hot cocoa to both.

- In high school I spent a summer digging latrines in rural Mexico.

- Thanks to Hubby, I am a Mac person. I'm completely helpless on a PC - or whatever they are called these days.

- I can't count very well.


Anonymous said...

Might I add a lover of retro clock radio's

meg said...

I love your 25 things Sue! So many we have in common!

But since my daughter is working at Starbuck's I sort of have to support them :)

9 hours of sleep a night? Does that really happen?

By video do you mean music video? I watch those with Emily -- I like to keep an eye on what the 'kids' are doing. But yea, a teenage reciting a film in which i have no interest is tedious indeed.

I'm not sure I've ever heard a Dean Head Song

Here I sit playing 'smath with my little girls and I agree with finding kid's games boring. Is that wrong that I'm a teacher.


Anonymous said...

Dead Head I mean. See, my mommy brains are mush. Must get more sleep. I am fantasizing about sleeping now...