Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In Which I Tell About My Morning

Some days are unpredictable.

This morning I woke up to a normal day: breakfast, tidying up, getting kids ready to start their work.

On my mind was the fact that both my girls have expressed (as kids will do) their need for more focused attention from me. MiniMe does this by constantly claiming that she is sick or hurt, when clearly she isn't. Rosie does this by clinging to me at bedtime, and asking for us to "do" things together. (hmmm...don't we already "do" tons of things together all the time??? I'm thinking)

Anyways, thoughts of how I might make some special time alone with each girl floated around as I got ready for the day.

Then I realized that Rosie didn't have any clean unmentionables, and that I HAD to do the laundry. This, of course, is a Herculean task as the laundry room counter is piled high with clean clothes that need to be folded and put away; the dryer is full; and the washer is full.

OK. Special time with girls. Do laundry.

Down walked ARG with eyes red and swollen. "I'm sick" he shared as he plopped into the computer chair (because nothing comes between ARG and his FB).

OK. Special time with girls, Do laundry. Make tea, vitamin C drink for ARG, make sure he is supplied with kleenex and comforted. Get Rosie doing her violin, math, history.

I began to feel a bit frantic. When things that need to get done pile up, I get that way. But before I can do most of my jobs I have "relax" and read to the girls on the couch. Breathe.

Now, I've read Charlotte's Web at least four times. And today I cried AGAIN when Charlotte died! The kids just laugh and say "MoooOOOoooom!"

But guess what? I got it all done! I always do, so I don't know why I get frantic in the first place. I'm wierd that way. A day that felt like a crazy, jam-packed, overwhelming day has shifted.

My afternoon has opened up so much (since I don't have to be home to supervise ARG on the computer) that I'm off to the park to meet my friend and her kids.

And I had time to write this blog.

In the middle of the day on a school day!


Beth said...

How do we do it!

Question-p---so what's the change with ARG's computer supervision?

Sue said...

It's not the physical work that is so hard, it's the emotional wear and tear!

Beth said...

Ah yes, the emotional drain---and the need to replenish.
I find the more clear my priorities and the more realistic my expectations, the less draining. Also, it's when I feel ruled by the "shoulds" instead of the "I wants" that my activities become exhausting. Sometimes it's a matter of recognizing that what I am experiencing as a "should" is actually a "want" - and then it feels less burdensome. Other times I need to reject the "should" altogether, because when it comes down to it, I really don't have to!