Sunday, January 11, 2009

$100 cold

In addition to the many other excuses I have for not posting often enough, I am adding:


All 5 of us at once. I am over the worst now, which is lucky because I have 4 behind me who need lots of OJ, chicken noodle soup, odwallas, medicine, trips to the Dr., antibiotics, kleenex refills, barf bowls and your basic TLC.

I'm calling it the $100 cold because in the last 2-3 days we have spent that much on above mentioned supplies and Dr. visits. I'm hoping we don't have to buy more medicine.

ARG missed his fencing tournament because he can't stop coughing. Just picked up the Codeine, so he should be sleeping soundly tonight. Rosie is in bed with a fever (just as she was all day yesterday). MiniMe is watching videos all day and demanding more "medithin" every few hours. Hubby's eyes are beet red and he definitely belongs in bed.

But the Chargers are on and it's a play-off game, so that takes priority.

Go Bolts.

It's this darn time of year! Every year we pass around colds from January to April. I dread it each year, knowing what is coming. I try to feed them healthy foods. I remind them to wash hands, cough into sleeves, use kleenex...etc. I disinfect handles, knobs, keyboards, mouses. We take supplements (well I do). We take EmergenC.

We ought to spend these three months in Bermuda.


Mike said...

Ouch, that hurts! I hope you guys mend quickly.