Saturday, January 24, 2009

Health Nut

Since the flu claimed about two weeks of my family's life in the last month, I have embarked upon a new healthy kick. I may be trying to control something that is uncontrollable, but I feel it's my duty as a mom to at least try to provide more healthy meals and snacks for my fam.

I've already purchased the obligatory Omega-3 oils, probiotics and vitamins. I also tried to bake sugar-less oatmeal / dried fruit bars. They were OK. More like a crumbly power bar than a cookie. I'm still working on it.

Because somehow (I really can't imagine how) my kids have developed a strong desire for dessert after lunch and dinner. I can be assured that within the last bite or two of the meal I'll be asked, "What's for dessert?"

Since I can completely relate to sugar addiction the desire for a sweet after a meal, I am trying to provide things that aren't quite so sugar-laden, that have more nutrients, fiber...etc. It's not too exciting to eat a whole wheat, oatmeal, sugarless apple cake. But I suppose it's better than nothing.

Unfortunately, I'm having dreams where I eat piece after piece of cake. Chocolate with cream frosting. White with fruit. In the dream I kept thinking, I'm going to get sick if I keep eating all this cake!

Another challenge I have is differents food needs / desires amongst my kin. ARG is a vegetarian, so I always have to provide a non-meat protein for him. Ugh. Then Rosie is at that "picky" stage where she only likes meat with no sauce, or won't eat sweet potatoes because they are too mushy. Stuff that makes me want to pull my hair out. MiniMe is actually the best eater ( next to moi ) and will eat almost everything I serve. Hubby is good too, though he balks at too much starch. Potatoes and rice are not high on his list. So, juggling all the different tastes and needs can be hard. Especially when I'm trying to offer healthy, colorful meals.

At this point, the only meals that we all enjoy are:


As you can see, there's not a lot of variety there. And lots of carbs.

But I've got to keep trying. I've got to kick my cooking mojo into high gear, try new recipes, bake new, healthier snacks.

What is the most likely outcome of these efforts? One of my kids saying, "Eeeeew. Disgusting!"

It's tough being mom.