Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TMJ ain't fun.

I have a new and improved health problem to report.

TMJ. Temporomandibular joint disorder.

Basically, my jaw hurts. It hurt a lot more last week before I had seen my fabulous new chiropractor. Twice. Kaching!

It may be from an old car accident in college. It may be from gnawing my teeth (gross! I know) at night. It may be tension in my facial and neck muscles from stress.



It may be from eating too many Christmas cookies for all I know. Whatever the cause, it has caused 1.) my jaw the click and hurt when I chew 2.) my neck to hurt like the dickens 3.) my lower teeth to jut forward so that I can barely close my teeth. I'm starting to look like Kyle MacLachlan.

My new chiro does regular chiro, plus muscle work, plus Cranio Sacral therapy. It has helped quite a bit. I'm able to eat pain free now. For that alone I'd have to name my next child after her (if I ever had another, which I won't).

But my neck still hurts. And I can't close my teeth easily, so back I go tomorrow to the pleasure / torture table. Pleasure because she massages my neck muscles, adjusts my neck and loosens everything up in general. Torture because she puts on plastic gloves and massages (think pins sticking into you) my jaw muscles. She hurts muscles in the back of my mouth that I never knew existed. I literally cry. Tears stream down my face as I breath deeply and think, "I've given birth three times, I can endure this" over and over again.

Probably typing this blog right now is not helping my jaw/neck. It does tend to hurt more when I sit at the computer. What I really need (aside from a vacation to Hawaii) is a leisurely bath, a glass of wine, and no one asking me, "can I play computer now? can I watch a movie now? can I? can I?"

Speaking of movies, here are a few on our list to watch over the holidays:
- Back to the Future
- Ironman (probably not good for kids? I don't know)
- StarTrek (something - can't remember which one)
and of course
- It's a Wonderful Life

What are you watching over the holidays?


Beth said...


Sorry to hear about your TMJ. Hope it improves soon!

Funny you should mention "It's a wonderful Life." I just came across an interesting commentary on it: George Bailey, Sub-prime Lender. http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.aspx?epk_id=147991&poll_id=&name=video&skin_id=5

Merry Christmas!!


Beth said...

Sorry for pasting the wrong url to George Bailey, Subprime Lender.
Here's anohter try:


Deborah said...

Boo TMJ! I hope your jaw is on the mend!!

Sue said...

Beth: Hmmmm.....I'm not sure about that one. I can see the point in a way. But if George thought that taxi driver was good for it, and was willing to take the risk, I think thats OK. Taking the risk on people who clearly shouldn't be getting a loan and asking the rest of US to pay is what is not OK. Right?

Deborah: It's getting better slowly but surely.