Saturday, December 27, 2008

Posture Time

For the last week, my posture has been fantastic.

My chiro explained how my sway back makes my neck go in all kinds of weird, unnatural positions which strain everything about my head and neck. Did you know that your lumbar spine (down at the bottom, just about the sacrum) are supposed to be over the cervical spine (stuff in your neck)? So if your lower back is arched (too many pregnancies, not enough tummy crunches!), your neck will lean forward to balance. Then you have to tilt your head up in order to not be looking down.

Anyhoo, my mantra is Tummy In! Neck long! Jaw under!

I had to reposition my car seat. Now my head grazes the ceiling because I'm sittin' straight! No leaning and/or slouching here. I'm getting used to my car all over again because I had to change all the mirrors and arm rests and can't see the same stuff on my dash. Weird.

Of course now that I am focusing on it, you can bet I'm noticing my kids' dreadful posture. What slouchers! What slinkers! What bent backs and necks!

I wonder where they learned that?