Saturday, December 6, 2008

Take the Test

OK, I know I am a history geek. But I love this kind of stuff.

This US Civic Literacy test is pretty good. Check it out.

I think all that jazz is still important because it completely affects our lives sooner or later. If we don't understand what our government is supposed to do or not do, how can we keep a check on it? Do we think that "someone else" in Washington will keep an eye on and somehow halt the inevitable tendency of government to increase, usurp power and violate our rights?

Here are my results: You answered 31 out of 33 correctly — 93.94 %
(yes, I am slightly proud).

And one that I got wrong makes me annoyed:

29) A flood-control levee (or National Defense) is considered a public good because:

I didn't like any of the answers. So I guessed A. The correct answer is:

- B. a resident can benefit from it without directly paying for it

THAT'S the definition of “public good”? That someone gets something for free? Now, what is the flaw in that definition? It sure explains why politicians invoke the "public good" so darn often.

Let me know how you do!


ARG said...


Sue said...

Oh YEAH.... but how many times did you take it? hmmmm?????

ARG said...

2... :)

Beth said...

I can't remember if I missed one or two....something like that. RE: public good--it's one of those weird economic terms like equilibrium or demand that you just plain have to be in the loop because common sense won't tell you what they mean!

Sue said...

Beth - that one totally didn't make sense to me.