Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's not all bad news...

The economy continues to tank. Massive layoffs seem eminent. Sick, whacko, violent terrorists killed a lot of people in India a few days ago. And along with inevitable inflation that will come along in the next few years, we will also be paying higher taxes to cover all the bail-outs going on.

But the news is not all bad. In fact there is one bright, shining spot on my horizon today.

I have joyfully discovered the lint shaver!

Oh marvelous creation - where have you been all my life?

Sweaters on the "donate" pile - come on back! With this fantastic device I can shave off all those nasty balls of fuzz. My sweaters can look fresh and new again just in time for cold weather.

I can't express the gut level satisfaction I felt shaving away to my heart's content on my old sweaters. I filled my shaver three times with lint today. It was visceral. It was deeply satisfying.

My kids begged to do it too. "Can I do it?", "Can I do it?", "Can I do it?"

My sweaters may not long brand new, but they are wearable again. I have three (virtually) new sweaters! So not only do I have fun shaving unwanted lint, but my penny-pinching self is happy too!

What a fantastic invention!


Deborah said...

This made me laugh, and we can all use a little chuckle these days! Thanks!!

Sue said...

Deborah: It brightened my rather bleak day as well.