Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Post recommendation

I'm just going to pass along this site because I think it is unique, interesting and cool
(not for you, ARG).

It's called Her Bad Mother's Basement and it's a blog where people can post anonymously. They write letters to their in-laws, soon to be ex-husbands, old friends...etc. They rant and rave about lame people in their lives. It's pretty interesting. The writing is so real. So brutal. So human.

I've considered writing a post for it, but don't totally trust that I would really be anonymous.

If you check it out, let me know what you think.


Beth said...

Wow. That site is intense! How did you come across it?

Sue said...

I found it from another blog I read sometimes. Yes, very, very intense. But sometimes it's nice to know that everyone has problems (and to read about them in detail).

The responses are usually loving and helpful, which is nice.

Beth said...

Isn't is amazing (and wonderful) the connections made possible over the Internet? I really resisted it as somehow "less" than face-to-face connections, chiding my children on the amount of time spent at the computer. ("Why don't' you just call them up?") But the communication and sharing made possible with the various media (email, blogs, face-book, IM, and on and on) is absolutely fabulous.

I'm hooked!