Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby Kisses

Every night I go into MiniMe's room to pull up her covers, turn off her music and lights after she's asleep. And every night as I stand over her bed I think to myself that she is the most beautiful angel I've ever seen.

Her long dark lashes lay on her pink chubby cheeks. Sometimes her thumb is in, sometime out of her mouth. Her curly hair is strewn all over her pink pillow.

Each night I bend down to kiss her smooth cheek. There are no words to describe the sensation of kissing your last baby's cheek. I just can't do it justice. It is so bittersweet - I know the round softness will go away in a year or so. My heart swells and I want to cry. Every kiss is its own precious event. It's a mommy thing.

If I could bottle baby kisses, would they be less valuable?