Thursday, October 2, 2008

No Sales Pitches Here

Yesterday I was contacted by some company asking if I wanted to review their product on my blog. For MONEY. (or a free sample). Money, people.

Does this mean that my blog has "made it"? Am I super popular now? Huh? Huh?

One look at my sitemeter and you can rest assured that I'm super popular with about 7 people.

But I thought it was funny to get a solicitation like that. I considered for about .5 seconds. I decided I don't want a blog like that. I don't want to sell things on my blog. I've been disappointed enough by blogs I thought were cool, but then posted so many ads and trials and product plugs - bleah! Who wants commercials in a blog? How is that fun?

And as my title suggests, I am Seriously Attempt(ing) to have Fun here.

So don't worry. No sales pitches here.


ciara said...

blogging for money is only useful if that's what you intended to do in the first place. several make good money at it. but when you're basically blogging to keep family updated, you definitely don't want all the ads and such there.

i did payperpost for a few months, then stopped. you had to have tons of ppl come to your blog everyday to get the good money posts and google rank went down the toilet, too lol

Mike said...

What kind of product was it?

Sue said...

Ciara - I definitely did NOT set out to make money on my blog, so yeah.

Mike - I can't remember now. Some kind of wierd glasses.