Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm a crazy runner (for now)

So, I've been running more lately. Last week I ran 8.5 miles! Thats the farthest I've ever run. And though I was tired, OK exhausted, I probably could have run a littler further if I had to. I am considering doing a half marathon next spring. (I feel small when I think about it) Don't know if I have it in me.

Anyhow, I've been wondering. Is it possible that running makes my thighs bigger? I mean, I've always had the buddha belly bouncing along with me, but my legs I considered "normal" size. But lately, my jeans are all getting tight in my legs! Ack! My weight is relatively stable. Maybe the fat is just repositioning itself? Who knows...

As crazy as it sounds, running is pretty cool. Before running is great. After running is supreme. The actual running is ranges from slightly uncomfortable to pretty darn painful and exhausting. But there is something in the human spirit (at least mine) that responds to improving. I like progressing. And I like that I'm trying something to avoid being a complete flabbalanche.

Being outdoors is pretty refreshing as well. When a crane gracefully floats down to land about ten feet away from me as I run down the coastal trail - well, that's pretty darn special. Staring at the ocean or the clouds or bunny wabbits scampering away - all good.

I've taken seasonsed runner Ogblay's advice and started listening to lectures while I run instead of music. It works! My mind follows the lecture instead of the painful sensations in my legs and away I go! Definitely got to get some new ones.... hint. hint.

I just hope I can keep finding the time to run. I'm so slow that to go more than a few miles I need about an hour and a half. It's hard to leave the kiddies for that long. It's not so much that I don't think they are safe, just not safe from each other. Ya know? And if it takes more over 1/5 hours to run 8.5 miles, how the heck long will it take to run a half marathon?



Beth said...

A few Hints:
Podcasts (check out Cato Institute)
The Teaching Company.

If you know how to convert a CD to an iPod, I am assuming that is what you are runing with) I have LOTS of stuff from the Teaching Companya nd other sources: history, politics, economics, philosophy....are you drooling yet?


megan smetzer said...

That's wonderful! I love to listen to podcasts. UCB and Stanford both have good lectures but I get bored with the professor's strutting around at the start and end of class. Mostly I like NPR Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I'm sure there are homeschooling ones too.

Have fun!

Meg S.

Sue said...

Beth - Yes! Thanks I will check into those.

Megan - I've got the latest Wait Wait! Episode to listen to on today's run! Thanks.

Mike said...

If you can run 8.5 hours, you can totally get up to 13. Excellent. And, running will make your thighs bigger, but it'll be muscle!