Thursday, October 2, 2008

How did my life get so full?

A friend mentioned it would be fun for us to get together soon. Usually we visit with our whole families together as our kids are similar ages and our hubbies get along (!).

I took a look at my calendar. The first weekend I have free for a family visit is November 9. Over a month away! The first weeknight I could possible cram into my life is Oct. 30 - and that's only if I don't have to cook!

How did my life get so full?

I was one of those people who swore I would never have such a hectic pace of life. I would always make sure to have time to "chill" and be "relaxed". And I was - for lots of years.

But this year things are different. It's all my kids' fault of course. They are into too many things that require my time and energy! (not to mention $$).

Swim practice - 3 times a week
Fencing - 4 times a week
Ballet - 3 times a week
Church, church classes - 2-3 times a week (OK that one isn't on my kids).

Throw in miscellaneous haircuts, doctor's appointments, birthday parties (did someone say birthday???), swim meets and fencing tournaments and we are running, running, running!

Think I'm finding much time to train lately? Yikes. Twice a week I run if I'm lucky.

Think Hubby and I have a lot of "quality" time alone together? Ha. "How was your day?" as we're yawning off to sleep is about all we get.

It's not good. But on the other hand, it IS all good. Everything we are doing is stuff we have chosen to do. (though I'm not sure dentist appointments are something you actually choose to do). All the kids activities are superfantastic! Especially since we homeschool - the social interactions and exercise they get from their sports are invaluable. And I love my church. I love everything I do there. I lead a class. I serve on the worship team. I help on Sundays.

Instead of groaning and moaning about how hard it is, I want to frame it in a positive light. I am consciously saying, "I had a full day" instead of a "busy day" now. But when I can't schedule a visit with friends for over a month, I start to think that I've become one of "those people". You know, the ones who are always "TOO BUSY! TOO BUSY!"

I'm know it is a season of life. In less than 6 years we'll be sending ARG off to college. I'll have plenty of years (God willing) when I'm not driving here and there for my kids. So, aside from feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all, I'm trying to drink it in and experience it to the hilt.

You know what I mean?


Mike said...

Ok, I'll bite. What's a "worship team"?

Sue said...

"Worship" is a secret Christian code word for singing songs. We sing praises and thanks and worship to God. I push buttons on a computer so folks will know the words to the songs. Capiche?

Anonymous said...

Think southern gospel with an edge into rock; open for participation.

- Sk8.

Michelle said...

I Sue,

I agree that it's all in the attitude. I am grateful that we have such a full life. Although I'd like to adjust it some so we have more time with friends. Praise God that we have soccer 4 nights a week - exercise, fresh air, crock pot dinners, teamwork, library time for me. Soon I will be out there on the track, too (walking!). On the other hand I have been hearing from different sources about the importance of rest and contemplation.