Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's that time of year...

Yep it's that time of year again.

When you child's nose begins to run. Then she starts to cough. Her cheeks are bright and her energy sluggish.

And my kids have been taught well - they know how to share.

So, now here I sit with sore throat, cough, drip, drip, drippy nose, sore neck and a strong desire to sleep. I actually took a 45 minute nap already, which was good. My mean mommy came out as I moaned, "Go away, I'm trying to sleep." and "No, I don't want to look at your art project. Go away."

Alas, more sleep is several hours away. In between now and my head hitting the pillow are picking up girls from ballet, making dinner, serving dinner and church meeting (which I will skip out of half way through).

I wish I could put an invisible shield around Hubby so he doesn't have to get this darn thing. It's always harder on him, because he like NEVER takes a sick day. He just slogs through it, feeling yucky. Poor guy.

Usually I like fall. Pumpkins, apple pie, sweaters, crisp air and all that. But it seemed like in one day our weather went from warm to cold - and now I'm sick.



Mike said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. :(

Anonymous said...

I think you need Java Chip 2X a day
and foot rubs as needed.A well crafted dvd if you have trouble sleeping.
you should be well in a week.

Deborah said...

Feel better soon! Hot & sour soup always helps me. I hope you're enjoying a comforting remedy of your own.