Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh the Joy...

I am surfacing from the depths of Coldnflueland.

After a day and a half of complete non-functionality, I'm back. Functioning pretty well, thank you, with a gnarly cough, queasy tummy and congestion. Oh, did I mention low energy?

That is why I am SO excited about going out trick-or-treating tonight. I can hardly wait to bundle my exuberantly excited girls into their costumes and walk around for hours in the dark, cold, wet night.'s just what anyone with a lingering cold wants to do!

And then I'll get the added bonus of dealing with sugar-high kids crashing later tonight. Plus the specialness of arguing about why they can't eat all the candy they want at 9:00pm at night.

Tomorrow I look forward to tears as I explain that they can't actually eat all the candy they brought in - that some of it will be thrown or given away.

In the months to come I'll rejoice while comforting my little one from her nightmares about the scary things she saw while trick or treating.

What's not to like about Halloween?


ARG said...

The candy.

Mike said...

You're the Halloween Grinch! Cool.

Beth said...

Next to the 4th of July, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Hmmmm....well actually they are all my favorites. I really like holidays. But Halloween is great. It is one of the few holidays that emphasizes spending time with friends rather than family (and we need both!)and it's primary purpose is FUN which is a really good thing.
I love Halloween!! It's silly. It's creative. It's community. It's sweet!
It's creative. It's community. It's sweet!