Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Dear Rosie,

Today your turn the big 9 years old! WOW!!!

Who said you could get so big?

Didn't you hear me tell you to stop growing when you were two? But at least you get cuter and nicer every year, so it's OK.

I am very proud to be your mom. Not only are you kind and thoughtful, you are very funny. I love the way you play with your little sister, and how you teach her so many things. I'm sorry that she can be a pain sometimes. Thanks for helping us raise her up.

Your dedication to and passion for your sports is very inspiring. Every year you grow as a dancer and I can't wait for your show. Plus, you are becoming a pretty good swimmer as well! I was so full of pride at your first swim meet. You are a chip off the old block!

I admire the way you naturally know how to get along with people. You have an ability to say the right thing that puts people at ease. People are always telling me how sweet and friendly you are, adults and kids alike.

My hope and prayer for your next year is that you will learn more about yourself. I hope Dad and I will give you the freedom to become more of who God made you to be. You are a special girl and we love you very, very much!

Happy Birthday!



P.S. One year until double digits!


Anonymous said...

She is a great role model too.