Tuesday, October 7, 2008


One cool thing about where we live - it is so techie!

Where else can Hubby take ARG to an Open Agile conference for two days. Don't know what Agile is? Don't worry. I never heard of it before a few weeks ago. It is some kind of project managment style for coding wah wah wah WAH wah (like the adults on Peanuts).

If you don't code big projects for companies, you DON'T need to know.

It was ARG's first exposure to serious geekdom. One of his first impressions:

"I was almost the tallest guy there. You know, there were a lot of short Indian guys."

He was seriuosly intrigued by the format of the day. No Agenda. They just have people sign-up at the beginning of the day on which subject they'd like to lead a discussion. Then everyone goes to whatever they want. Very flexible. Just like Agile (apparently).

I received a lengthy discourse from ARG about how Agile is so much better and lucrative than waterfall programming (huh?).

Oh no, my son has already taken on the techie-speak that I mostly don't understand! When Hubby talks work its all acronyms and code words and if you don't know them, it's a foreign language. ARG is starting to talk like that too. About all I can say is, "That's nice dear."

Of course, any event must be evaluated by a twelve year old on the merits of...... FOOD!

"Mom, they had scones and oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast. A really nice lunch. And lots of finger food for dinner. Those little quiches are great, but you feel sick after about five. I just stuck with the egg rolls after that."

I'm glad that ARG gets to go to this thing. I wonder how much influence it will have on him long term.


Anonymous said...

You'll be very proud to know ARG participated in his first XP project (abeit small) AND has a Scrum game on order.

public void agileConference() {

- sk8.

Mike said...

My wife went to Agile training and she's all agile-this and agile-that now. She even tries to manage Daisy's homework using the methodology.