Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Change is a Comin'

I often reflect upon how, as a SAHM, much of the excitement, worry and change in my life is based on Hubby's life. And his job. When I chat with a girlfriend and we "catch up" on what's been going on, a good portion is dedicated to describing the ups and downs of Hubby's employment escapades.

My ego is not altogether crazy about how much I live vicariously through others, but oh well.

Hubby is a techie. His job pattern has been (generally) something like this:
- get hired by excited small tech firm
- enjoy job for about a year
- get bought by behemoth, universe ruling company
- be happy to make some money on stock options
- be sad when new parent company destroys small company
- hate job for about a year and a half
- start looking for new job

This cycle has repeated three times so far.

Now, we are about to begin the cycle again. Hubby gave notice yesterday, and starts a new job with exciting, small tech firm in mid-August.

My feelings are mixed. I am thrilled that job hunting is over. Unlike some people I know, my hubby had to interview about a zillion times with many companies over several months. Apparently positions that entail managing people and coding are semi-rare. I guess you are usually one (manager) or the other (code monkey). Add this to a full time job and trying to spend time with the fam, and you have a recipe for....being very tired and fried. So, as you can imagine, I am delighted to end that phase of the process. Hubby is too.

And, I'm very proud of the way Hubby took responsibility for his life and slogged through the job hunting process to improve things. He didn't just sit around and complain about his job. He took care of things. And he landed something he wants - managing a team (a whole branch in the org chart tree!) while still architecting and coding.

But starting a new job.....change....that can be scary. What will it be like? Will they expect him to work like a slave (again)? Will his boss be cool and/or supportive? Does anyone else in the company have kids? Or all they all be Single Burning Man Tatooed Pierced Alternative Lifestyle People like his last job? Will my medical providers accept the new insurance? And most importantly, will I enjoy the Christmas party?

Because, of course, the most important part of all this change is: how will it affect moi!

Time will tell....


Mike said...

Getting a job where you're supposed to manage AND code is hard. Even harder is actually getting around to doing that coding once you're a manager. I'm impressed that your husband has managed to make it work before.

Anonymous said...

well done hubby!

Sue said...

Mike: I know. He is always over-worked. Hopefully he'll figure it out. But I guess it is good because he understands what he's asking people to do. Honestly, I don't really understand it all.

Anon: Hear! Hear!